stupidlittleginger: You are an adorable little poop! And you seem so sweet! Keep your chin up buttercup!

A “little poop” is an odd way to describe something adorable

Anonymous: We have met once. It'd be weird if i told you, sorry. Maybe one day.

It wouldn’t be that weird

Anonymous: Sorry. I might tell you one day when you have nothing going on hah

Just tell me! Do I know you irl?

Anonymous: I can't say! Sorry. But I wish you luck with the lucky person you are spending time with.

That’s lame

Anonymous: Edmonton? Yes. Hah


Anonymous: Ahhhh because I wanted to know. You are very attractive and I would go on a date with you if you weren't seeing someone.

Aw that’s so sweet, thank you. Are you from here?

Anonymous: Are you single? Seeing anybody? Dating?

I’m kind of seeing someone, I guess. Why?

punkgoeshardinthepaint: that church looks a lot like my cousin's church, do you live in Georgia? don't mean to seem creepy if I do.

haha no I do not. I live on the opposite side of north america

crashing easter service with my lovely aunt #thuglife
the most beautiful things in life don’t ask for attention


I’m struggling so hard right now to not cut a thousand times and to just end it.